Inteko Dooel Skopje (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) provides you with access to the services and content of its website, which are governed by these Terms of Use and apply to all content, pages, internet domains, and subdomains owned by the company. By using the website, its content, and services, users are deemed to have read, understood, and accepted these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy in their entirety.

Description of Services

The company enables its users through the website to familiarize themselves, in detail, with the information and to get in touch with representatives of the company, with the aim of carrying out activities such as obtaining additional information, making purchases, delivery, service, and other services that the company may offer. Users can also obtain information and contact representatives of the company for the purpose of exercising their rights regarding the Protection of Personal Data.


Prohibitions for Website Users

Users are not allowed to:

  • publish content on the website or any of its parts that violate existing Macedonian and/or international laws, contain offensive and vulgar content, content that may harm the company or other users, as well as false content or content that provokes tensions of any kind;
  • manipulate personal and confidential data or falsely represent themselves on behalf of another legal or natural person;
  • share promotional materials, advertising messages, spam, chain letters, false findings, or statements;
  • knowingly distribute computer viruses or similar malicious computer files or programs with the aim of destroying or limiting the operation of any computer software, hardware, and telecommunications equipment owned by the company or used by the company.


Prohibition of Use of the Portal and Services

Users acknowledge that the company has the full right, without prior permission or notice from the user, to remove content that it deems does not comply with these Terms of Use.

Change of Portal Content and Services

The company has the full right, without prior permission from users and without their notification, to make temporary or permanent changes to parts of the content or the entire content of the website.
The company is not responsible for any printing, technical, or other errors on the website.

Change of Terms of Use

The company reserves the right to change the Terms of Use at any time, without assuming responsibility for the consequences of such changes.
The changes come into effect upon their publication. Users will be informed of the changes that have occurred within a certain time period, and if there is a need for additional acceptance of the amended terms, users will be provided with that option upon their first visit to the website after the changes have been implemented. However, it is recommended that users periodically check and familiarize themselves with the updated terms.